Australian Digital Go Tournament 2018

Do you live in Australia or New Zealand, and play the ancient oriental game of go, online?

Been wanting to play in a tournament, but just can’t make it to a capital city or afford to burn an entire weekend face-to-face?

This year is your chance. Come join us at the third annual Australian Digital Tournament.

This is a first-class tournament of the Australian Go Association and WAGC-eligible regional tournament of the New Zealand Go Society. If you are an Australian player, it affects your national rating, earns you international representative points, the whole ball of wax. If you are a New Zealand player, it is a fun chance to crush Australian players in a trans-Tasman tournament…and earns you international representative points. (Players from other South Pacific nations welcome.)

There are seven rounds of go tournament, one round per week played at a go server near you.

The servers are OGS, KGS and Pandanet. Registration is AU$10. Prizes are some cash, some free entry to national championships, and eternal glory.

Second division for kyu players (20k to 2d), first division for the Australian Digital Champion from the dan players (2k to 9d). All the rules and other information on the tournament web page.

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I do like having a tournament that I can play in without needing to worry about whether I’ve remembered pants or not that morning…

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