Austrian online-go-club Online Tournament

'Hello! We are an Austrian online-go-club (D.E.K. Hungry Hippos). We are hosting an online tournament, we would like to see you participating! You are welcome #1 – Denk- und E-Sport Klub Hungry Hippos

Registration link: registration-form

(Saw this, not sure if it’s already been posted)


Thank you for posting this. :slight_smile:

Our club is still small and its current highest-ranked player (me) is not very active lately. :sweat_smile:
But our founder @Hippopotamus47 is very engaged. Not only does he bring us this nice Austrian tournament. There will also be a Twitch stream! I will be on there as well and we’ll comment on the games live. The commentary will be in German.


I know I’m always that person, but could we have the times in timezone format? I’m guessing 8.30 Saturday is 10.30 Greece time, but it’s better to be sure.


Thank you for the information! I took the same sheet as our offline tournament and forgot about the time zones. I changed the PDF on the homepage =)

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Check-in starts at 2022-04-30T06:30:00Z.
I believe the above time should be shown adjusted to your time zone. :slight_smile:


Registration 2022-04-30T06:30:00Z
Administration 2022-04-30T08:00:00Z
Round 1 2022-04-30T08:30:00Z
Round 2 2022-04-30T12:00:00Z
Round 3 2022-04-30T15:00:00Z

Round 4 2022-05-01T08:00:00Z
Round 5 2022-05-01T11:00:00Z

(I think I got it right, I’m making this a wiki in case I didn’t.)