Auto Resign after few minutes

to be short,
i move a lot for work and use to play trought smartphone hotspot, it works well 90% time,
today on a live game (10 min + 2 min x move - after the starting moves my connection crash, when i come back, no more than 2min later, i found the system auto resigned for me.

When i ask on chat someone answer me this feature is to avoid escapers to force ppl to wait.
but makes no sense to me, if i got 10 min to move why the system have to resign after 2 min…on ranked.

we really need this feature?


Well we do not need it, but I guess many people (me included - esp. those who like longer live games) like it.

I mean I feel for you, I really do, and really it’s kind of a compromise and you can’t make it perfectly fair to everyone. But if you consider the problem from the other perspective it too can be really annoying to have to wait 10mins just to see if the other player shows up eventually to play a move or if he/she left for good and you wasted the time you had to play the game for nothing…

To me two minutes seem like a reasonable time to solve a connection issue or connect via mobile data in most cases. But yeah, some of “false positives” are inevitable and unpleseant.

It’s not perfect solution, and I am afraid there is no perfect solution, but I for one like this feature.


yes, but i mean,
you are already know that the other player could spend 10 min to make a move.
if i got 10 min to make a move i could spend those 10 min doing whatever i want (included been disconnected) if at the end of those 10 min the player doesnt show up, not so bad, easy free points.
in the other case i lose points to been disconnected for two min.

it’s like if in a live game (a real live game) one player go to the bathroom cause he got diarrea and the other player say “i see you got diarrea, dunno if you will come back within your 10 min, i dont give a heck, i won”

And also, there allready is an auto resign feature, is the timeout. the clock on the game is there also for that reason, the timeout feature to me allready cover the case a player just leave. make another feature for a shorter time souds redondant to me.

or it’s just me? i’m totally relaxed, but just can’t get it.

What you are missing is that if you stay connected then your opponent feels that you are probably going to play your move: you are just thinking.

But if you disconnect (so they see your light go from green to grey) then the chances are that you have bailed out.

In the live game analogy, it’s like you didn’t say anything at all, you just left the building.

Now what - I have to sit at the table and wait to see if you come back?

Unfortunately, unlike in real life, when you disconnect you don’t have the opportunity to say “argh, bathroom!” as you run out.

That’s just the facts of the situation. The choice we have made is that in this situation, we are willing to wait around a minute or two to see if you reconnect, but any longer than that and it’s likely you bailed. The reason for this is that people bail quite often, and it’s very irritating.


We could think about raising the time for auto resignation, on tygem you are given 3 minutes after disconnecting. Although not much it still gives people an extra minute.

dunno, about the analogy if a player just left the building, no matter what he still got his 10 minutes on the clock.

anyways i see that probably at my rank this isn’t a big issue, so i understeand you.
and ye, meaybe at this point an improvement could be raise the time, at least 3 min.

The feature was implemented to avoid unnecessary waiting. Polite thing to do is still pause the game if your opponent disconnects to avoid winning by default, then un-pause the game if it seems to be intentional, or waiting gets boring.

My opinion on the matter: It should be marked as “Disconnection” loss and not as “Resignation”. It’s not right to resign a game in someone else’s name.


I actually like this way of looking at things, and the difference probably is between formal and actual resignation?

But, to my knowledge, for example the notation in SGF doesn’t currently have neither “disconnection” nor “escaping” as available reasons for a win, nor have I ever seen any kind of these in Real Life tournaments.

It might clear up some things, but how to distinguish/verify online? An escape should definitely be counted as a resignation, IMO.

Or wait, isn’t there a loss category “forfeit”? But that’s a moderator/referee decision then, right?

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True, there is no disconnection loss. Timeout seems to be the closest approximation, though Forfeit also seems more proper than Resignation.

Maybe the information of “DIsconnection” could be handled with a GC (game comment).

Property:	RE
Propvalue:	simpletext
Propertytype:	game-info
Function:	Provides the result of the game. It is MANDATORY to use the following format:
	"0" (zero) or "Draw" for a draw (jigo),
	"B+" ["score"] for a black win and
	"W+" ["score"] for a white win
	Score is optional (some games don't have a score e.g. chess).
	If the score is given it has to be given as a real value,
	e.g. "B+0.5", "W+64", "B+12.5"
	Use "B+R" or "B+Resign" and "W+R" or "W+Resign" for a win by
	resignation. Applications must not write "Black resigns".
	Use "B+T" or "B+Time" and "W+T" or "W+Time" for a win on time,
	"B+F" or "B+Forfeit" and "W+F" or "W+Forfeit" for a win by
	"Void" for no result or suspended play and
	"?" for an unknown result.
Property:	GC
Propvalue:	text
Propertytype:	game-info
Function:	Provides some extra information about the following game.
	The intend of GC is to provide some background information
	and/or to summarize the game itself.
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Sure, but the difference is waiting 10 mins for a nice move (that’s totally okay) or waiting 10minutes for nothing at all (that’s just a waste of time)


As has been already discussed here

, some of us don’t really like such a low disconnection threshold. I might be lucky but I think that I don’t really remember facing any relevant numbers of escapers. Like some others have said on this thread, I would suggest to increase the time before “Zeus strike”. I think that something like 5 minutes would be ok.

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I watch a lot of games on OGS, and can therefore say with some authority that escaping is very common, though probably much more common in DDK games. Two important points, however, have not been articulated in this thread. First, the wait time was often much more than 10 minutes, and trolls and cheaters took advantage of the system. I observed several trolls who would play some moves and then escape—big joke, the opponent has to wait, say, 20 minutes of maintime and 2.5 minutes byo-yomi. Then there were the cheaters—I think there was a thread on this, and I also observed it once: the cheater would escape, the opponent would get tired of waiting and go away, and then the cheater would return, play a move, and win when the opponent timed out.


This is the second game in which I didn’t resign, but the OGS gave the victory to the opponent by resignation.

Is there something extra you’re asking about this?

It appears to have been a live game, and so if you didn’t resign manually, it means you disconnected and the game auto-resigned you as a result - that’s the feature being discussed here.

In live games, you have to maintain connection: your browser page has to stay open and your internet remain connected, or you get auto-resigned.


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