Auto submit selected move on timeout

It’s an idea to fight the annoying timeouts that happen at the most important move in a game.

In the submit-button mode, the player selects a move and then clicks the submit button. That’s great for tiny phone touch screens.

Make a step further: auto submit the selected move on timeout. There’s nothing to lose: a suboptimal move is better than just losing the game.

Why this matters. When I’m reading a complicated sequence, I can’t switch back and forth between the board and the timer every second. And no, don’t suggest to use audio countdown: it’s not reliable.


This is a good idea or it would also be a good idea for the piece in question to blink or similar when awaiting submission. I have lost count of how many times I didn’t realise I still needed to submit. Hazard of usually playing on PC without it and then occasionally playing on phone where it’s a must have feature.


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