'Automatch Finder' assigned higher ranked player to go first?

I don’t understand why the ‘Automatch Finder’ gave my higher ranked opponent the first move? It is no fun starting a game with a distinct disadvantage.

2024-01-15 seubtobi (19k) vs. J.F.Adickes (20k)

Playing without handicap should leave all options open.
Besides as white
you have komi to make it fair,

When rank difference is less than 1.0 , color is random.
Komi exists to make difference so small that its not important to any human who plays first.

you probably don’t know something


I mean, with 5.5 komi on 13x13 it should favor black, right? I assume 6.5 would be correct for territory, since 7.0 is correct for area down to 9x9, and 19x19 has 7.0 and 6.5 as the correct komi for area and territory respectively.

better than nothing. 1 point difference from hypothetical perfection is a little

white is ahead on move 13, therefore lost not because not enough komi
white lost by 39 points, which is bigger than any komi, so, again, lost not because not enough komi

move 21, white is ahead by more than 5 points, therefore lost not because playing 2nd

I have no idea how to use B9, but G6 is too slow. F7 would be much better.

Yeah, I’m just saying that josephadickes is not entirely wrong thinking they got the short end of the stick there

This is just another “the komi is wrong” thread in disguise…