Automatic challenge duplication

There have been many times when I’ve put up a correspondence challenge, did something else for a moment, and find that someone has accepted the challenge and immediately canceled the match before I had a chance to respond. This can be very frustrating since I have to re-post the challenge (sometimes multiple challenges).

I think what is happening is that the accepting party is expecting to play a few moves in live time. I don’t think this expectation is fair, since correspondence time assumes turn times of at least hours if not days.

What I would suggest is that if a correspondence game ends in cancellation, a duplicate challenge should be posted automatically. This way the accepting player is still free to cancel, but the challenging player isn’t snubbed.

There would have to be some adjustment to make sure a challenge isn’t automatically posted when the challenger doesn’t want it (perhaps a timed confirmation pop-up?), but I think it would be easy to come up with a solution.


I think that that is a very good idea MystWalker. I have run into precisely the same issue many times. :smile:


Hi all, I am new here. I tried to navigate through the system om my phone, only to find that I unexpectedly created and / or accepted two games. I thought about explaining myself but figured that this must happen all the time with newbies, so I ended up simply abandoning both. Not a good start I might say, but one that is all too easily repeated by others.

Instead of this instant match-making I had hoped to be able to browse game requests with some text, and to write some info of my own to make a match (since I’m looking for a patient opponent willing to discuss my ignorant moves).

Hope this helps. Maybe I’m just accidentally using the ‘quick’ function instead of the match graph described elsewhere. Did see something like that, not sure what happened :smile:

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Yeah, I can imagine something like that could be usefull. Note sure if it can be done just from the front-end though, so it will probably be a while before something like that gets implemented. :confused:

It does, no worries. :slight_smile: It is not a problem. You can safely browse active game offers below the “quick match” buttons.

If you create your own custom challenge you can add a short name, which can basically act as a note. Or send me a correspondence challenge directly, I will be happy to discuss some moves :slight_smile: