Automatic game switching not working

I have two correspondence games open.
In one it’s my turn. in the other not yet.
Now I play a stone in the one where it’s my turn.
But when (later on) in the other game my opponent makes his move, it will not automatically switch to the foreground for me. Instead, I still have to notice and click the little “1” icon manually.
This could become a big hassle if I had more than just 2 correspondence games open. I’m using Chrome btw.

Have you checked this setting?

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Hm, getting “image could not be loaded” when trying to click your link.

It’s not designed to work this way. It would be annoying if it did. Imagine you have 1000 games running (*) and you want to study a game position in which you already made your move. Then it would be impossible because the screen would constantly switch to another game.

(*) who said it’s impossible?


Oh I see. I usually study positions where I have NOT yet made my move.
And I’d really like it the way you describe at “annyoing”, as the opposite is “annoying” to my taste actually. :slight_smile: it annoys me every day right now.
So if it really works as intended, maybe an option could be added so everyone can choose how they prefer auto-switching to work?

I don’t get what you are trying to say

You have 30 games waiting for you to move and 30 game where it’s your opponents turn to move.

You are in one game where you should make a move. Some makes a move on of the other 30 games. What happens ?

Today: the number on the top charges. So you know someone made a move

What I understand from what you want: the game automatically switches to the other game while you are still studying it. Right?

I want a game where it’s my turn, to switch to foreground automatically, if in the game currently in the foreground it is not my turn.

I don’t know why it doesn’t show.

Try settings - > game settings - > toggle that says “auto-advance to next game”. I think it’s the setting you’re looking for.

Thanks, but that is the problem - auto-advance will currently only switch games if there is a game where it is already your turn the moment you make a turn in the currently displayed game. If there is no game where it’s my turn, then auto-advance will do nothing, not even later when it actually becomes my turn in a game (which is what I would like it to do), instead it will still require me to check and click the switch-icon manually.

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Ohh it’s clear now.
I think there’s nothing like that right now.

But I only see the point of it for live games where I think that it works the other way around: you are not supposed to leave your game while the opponent is thinking.

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If you only see the point for live games, then it’s probably not yet clear…

Example, my games, all correspondence:

[game A - my turn - foreground], [game B - not my turn - background], [game C - not my turn - background]

< I make a move in game A >

[game A - not my turn - foreground], game B+C unchanged

< 10 minutes later: Opponent makes a move in game C >

[game A - not my turn - foreground], game B unchanged, [game C - MY TURN - but still in BACKGROUND]

So now I need to notice in the top right icon that it’s my turn somewhere and click on it, to bring game C up.
I’d like it to come up automatically now that it’s my turn in it (and thereby placing game A in the background).

This has been annoying me for a few weeks now that I started playing a bit again. Additionally I don’t even have the indicator icon visible at all times due to screen layout, so I have to scroll stuff just to check it periodically. Would be such a huge quality of life improvement to just get an option to fix this.

What you are suggesting would make impossible for players who have many games to observe a game in which it is not their turn.

Perhaps it could be an option that could be activated or not by every player, but honestly I don’t think it is very important.

Yes, it must be an option so it can be toggled, for those players that want to scribble in their games via analyze function while it’s not their turn.
And even better, if the auto-switcher would just not switch while a game is actually in analyze mode, so it could be a choice to have it working and still be able to analyze, which would be the perfect way.

I assume this feature is not important to you because you have a different OGS usage scenario…
A) open OGS on mobile device or laptop explicitely and go through your games, vs
B) having OGS up on the side while doing other stuff and awaiting notification when it’s my turn somewhere again (which is my scenario), with as little distraction as possible meanwhile.

So maybe not very important to you if you’re A) but please don’t easily dismiss it for people in B).

Maybe OT, but the few times I am able to reach 0 moves to play it lasts about 1 second, it is not assumed that I have time to start an analysis in another game :sweat_smile:

However, I understand and, sorry, when I said it is not important, it was just a personal opinion.
Like anything else, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone (having it by default would IMHO) it is better to have it than not to have it.


It’s fine (>’ ')> nice huge game list you got there. And probably the devs are busy anyway…

how about if you are elsewhere on the site, for example observing another game or in joseki explorer? would you still want it to autoswitch if your opponent plays a move?

Hm, observing a different game than your own games shouldn’t be affected by that “auto-switch neo”.
Just when you have one of your own games opened, I guess.

This seems like a feature that would need some work to avoid surprising players who don’t understand what they are getting into. But you could prototype it yourself by pasting something like this into the JavaScript console:

setInterval(function() {
  if($('.turn-indicator .count').hasClass('active') &&
     !$('button.pass-button').length &&
     !$('button.submit-button').length  &&
    ) {
}, 1000);

This should check every second and take you to an active game, from any page except one where you have a “pass”, “submit move”, or “accept remove stones” button available.

I tried it out myself on the beta site, but use at your own risk! Also, if you want to turn it off, just reload the page :grin:


I feel like maybe one needs something a bit more specific since you want it to change presumably when it’s not their turn in the open game, but only if it’s their game.

So maybe the same code but also look for the resign button or something?


They might also want to auto-switch away from finished games, which are no longer resignable… It gets a little complicated.