Automatic handicap for automated tournaments

Hi admins,

I regularly participate in the live 9x9 tournaments that occur every 4 hours on OGS and the outcomes of these are fairly predictable… Have you considered making these and the other automated tournaments automatic handicap? I reckon it would make them more interesting…


It might just be me, but I kinda like no handicap in 9x9 games. Half the time the 9x9 handicaps are really hard to overcome(in my experience), and I really don’t like them. I would prefer if those tourneys stayed no handicap(although I haven’t been on to do them as much recently so I don’t know if people care about my opinion).

I fully more than 100% agree with you. It is just too often that weaker (DDK) players drop out when they are paired against stronger (SDK/D) players. It happens more often than not that the first round of an automated site wide tournament is a no show. This would probably happen less with a handicap. Go should be fun for everyone.
Good initiative and hope that it will be a succes!

Another alternative is reverse komi, possibly more suitable for smaller boards.

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