Automatic handicap

I issue a challenge with automatic handicap enabled. A player with higher rank accepts the challenge. I do not get a handicap! In fact the higher ranking player gets black and I get no extra stones.

Can you link that game here?

Look at any of my games against stringer players

e.g. HanIn 77

Game info says no handicap.

Can you check the set up of your challenges?

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I’ve also checked your last 4 or 5 games, game info for each of them says “Handicap None”.

Here is my challenge setup

I don’t think the game info ever shows the original setting of “automatic”.

Maybe the “Your Color: White” is messing it up though!


I had the same thought as @Feijoa. It looks like your selection of White is overriding the handicap setting, because White can’t get a handicap. That is not how handicaps work.

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I guess it depends on what you mean by messing up. If I set my colour to be white and auto handicap then it’s normal that only my opponents that are weaker than me will get handicap. Those that are stronger are being forced to play black and wouldn’t get handicap.

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This sounds likely. I have changed the color selection to automatic ( don’t know how it got changed to white ) Waiting now for a stronger player to accept my challenge.

Thank you for answering.

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This sounds likely. Thank you for answering.


It worked. No undos

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