Automatic login(and eventual sign-in) to forum when coming from

I believe it would be nicer if every ogs player automatically had an ogs forum account and if the login to this account would be automatic when coming from the page

Hm… It was automatic for me. I didn’t have to register separately; if I recall correctly, I just clicked on login and it worked. And I can’t recall having to login since then either.

Hey berico,

what you describe is currently the case. You don’t have to create a new forum account, it’s automatically created when you sign-up at OGS. :smiley:

It’s not technically created when you first sign up for OGS… you actually have to click the Login button at the top and then it is automatically created.

It’s technically two separate systems that are loosely tied together… by clicking the login button for the forums it automatically creates a new account and then forwards you back to the forums so there shouldn’t be too much trouble.


What would happen if someone tries to use this forum, but doesn’t already have an account on Would they be able to create an account on the forum first and then use that account on the main site? Or should they create an account on the main site first?

I would like to point some total beginners to the Learn to Play Go Week thread on this forum. Hopefully they would be interested in participating to learn more about go, but since the forum would be their starting point in interacting with the site, they might try to create an account on the forum first and I just wanted to clarify whether they should do something else instead.

you actually can’t create an account on just the forum because the only authentication method available is the SSO mechanism back to the main site. They’ll see a login button at the top of the page and clicking that will take them to the front of the OGS website where they can create an OGS account before navigating back here.