Automatic Pause for few minutes when the internet connection is lost

Good evening. Just a little idea. Why not having a
setting that the game will be paused for a few minutes when someone
loses conection with the ogs server ( because of internet trouble) It does not have to be long, just around 3 minutes or so, so the site can be loded again.Its sutch a pity to lose intressting games this way. at example has or had that setting when i played there.
Thank you.

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Doesn’t already do this?

This has been discussed before.

The problem is that in games where this would be important for the disconnected player this is quite a problem for the not- disconnected player.

For example, it is not at all acceptable in a blitz game.

And in a normal game, suppose I have a certain amount of time and choose my time settings accordingly. If the opponent is disconnected several times, this can multiply the length of a 9x9 game (and make everyone wait in a live tournament).

Adjournment is one of the things I hated about kgs when I played there. (And yes, I have timed out due to disconnection on ogs now and then, I understand the problem, but I thing that the solution is worse.)

I doubt that it already does this, because I have not encountered any of my opponents exhibiting this behavior, but it is possible that none of them got disconnected.


We’ve always said that ultimately it is the responsibility of the user to maintain their connection and we don’t believe your opponent should have to suffer any extra undo burden. We even take that a little further… if you have 5 minutes left to make a move but we detect that you have disconnected from the server during a live or blitz game then we will give you a couple of minutes to log back in before deciding it.


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