Automatic resignation!?



in a couple of games now I had the automatic resignation. For example in this game
I was winning and suddenly I lost … seemingly I resigned.

What is happening? Is it a bug?
How can I resume my game after “resignation”?

Thank you!


This has happened to me too, when I had connection issues. If you leave a game for a certain amount of time, OGS assumes you have left for good and autoresigns the game for you. If there are connection issues that make it look like you’ve disconnected from OGS the same thing will happen. Perhaps this is the cause of your trouble. It was extremely frustrating when it happened to me, but I do not think anything can be done about it afterwards.


This makes sense!

Thank you!


The same issue, and it’s not for the first time An opponent hasn’t responded, his time was almost over, but occasionally I lose by a resignation.


Yeah it’ll be that you have connection issues and so the server thinks you’ve abandoned the game and auto resigns you.