Automatic scoring

In a game I played yesterday, the initial scoring marked both parts of my surrounding wall and the enemy stones within as “halfdead”. So the procedure came down to marking my own stones as alive, marking the enemy stones as dead and marking the surrounding points as territory, since they were counted as neutral for some reason.
Since the automatic scoring works that bad, why do we have it at all? Why are patches of neutral points in surrounded territory even possible? They can be really easily missed. Also especially beginners won’t see it if some of their own stones get marked dead in their own territory.

You might want to link the game in question for easier analyzing of the problem.

Hmm, the game was scored correctly, so the problems do not show,
However, here it is and the problem was the m9/m7 stones.
I also found some games from other users that illustrate the problem: Here you have a dead black group at the bottom, but in the same area some transparent white stones (counted as dead) and some blue quadrangles (counted as neutral)
dead black stones surrounded by even deader white stones
random neutral points in white territory

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