Avalanche Variation Question

I just played a blitz game which I lost. Not surprising as I generally like to play with longer time controls. I did, however, run into a corner sequence which I not only did not know how to answer, but was unable to find on josekipedia. Here is a demo showing a joseki I learned after the game alongside the point at which white went off book.

That move where white deviates from joseki is what I’m wondering about. What is black’s locally best response? I’m more interested in how black should play locally, as the global position will be different virtually every time a given joseki comes up. Barring certain joseki common to given fuseki, but I don’t know of a fuseki the avalanche is common to.

I feel like white should get some forcing moves on the top to strengthen his two stones there, before starting a capturing race between is right hand stones and black’s stones in the corner. I assume black will get influence somewhere in compensation, probably along the right.

Thanks for your time,


I added some comments in the demo.


Thanks for the comments; I probably should have considered that settling variation you showed, since all I wanted to do was settle and connecting removes so much aji.