Avoid unranked players

Could you give an option in the game finder to avoid players with new account? I’ve been getting a lot of those lately and it is really annoying. I know I can cancel but they are preventing me from getting real player of my rank and my page of history is full of cancellation now. Also, you sometime don’t realize the guy played only one game because he has a rank and when you come back the next day in your correspondance he jumped from 15k to 2k…

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Maybe have a setting for “strict rank” and if 95% confidence range falls outside of the ranks selected,

“Only established players” <- similar to what happens with disabling the handicap if the variance is too high.

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I suspect that too many people using this would cause issues with the ranking system, and probably end up creating the same issues again. For example, if “uncertain” ranked players primarily play each other, then they will have their own relative ratings by the time they enter the general “certain” pool, which may vary drastically from the rest of the userbase.

Also, I’m gonna be honest, I think you’re in the wrong here. I looked at a few of your past games and you cancelled before a move was even played, once commenting “And another smurf, get a life man” with absolutely no reason to believe this. Have you considered they might just be new players to the site? We want our community to expand, and shaming/refusing to play people for the sole reason of them being new and having a ? rank is not helping matters.


@pbgarden +1

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@pbgarden +1
I also believe you are in the wrong hanzo. The provisional player that you commented “And another smurf, get a life man” is 20k+. >_>
But this is the biggest issue with the new glicko system, every new account is set to 12.3k±6.6 which really ruins the auto match feature - both for the existing player and the new guys.


Perhaps if they adjusted it to 18k ± 6.6 ? That way they’re still getting paired with relatively low ranked accounts if they’re a genuine beginner, but will climb just as quickly if they are not.


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