Awarding byes in a knock out (or double knock out) tournament

This happened to me during two knock out tournaments (one single, one double knock out). I got 2 byes even through there were other people who didn’t yet have a bye. Once it was a single elimination in 5 players. By having 2 byes and losing one game (=not winning a single game), I ended up second. This is not the way to run a fair tournament, a bye should have been awarded to someone who won their first round game, surely not to a player who already had in the first round. Please make tournaments fair by distributing byes fairly.


Hey tiger314,

it’s on the list of things to improve. :blush:

Happy new year!

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I want to just add how disapointing is this for a new player. In my first tournament I stood first 3 rounds of 5 round eliminitation tree. Then I quit because I was facing the 3 strongest single digit kyus in tournament.

When you will fix it, please do some random selection of byes and never award bye twice to the same player if possible. Keep in mind that weak players do not play tournament for win but just for play. Other possibility inspired by sport events - and maybe inovative in go - is to let weakest players have qualification rounds so the main tournament start with power of two players.