"Bad connection" notification banner obscures players' time

“Bad connection” banner obscures time count without an option to remove it in time.

Possible solutions:

  1. Add a little cross to hide it like with any notifications.
  2. Change its placement so it would obscure some other ui element instead.
  3. Make it a small icon instead of full blown field of text.
  4. Make banner semitransparent.
    (Obviously, it could be combined - make it smaller and semitransparenr at the same time. Or add a cross and change its placement.)

I’ve created a PR for this, does it seem like it addresses the problem?


Option 2 would be best, if you have a bad connection and are in byo yomi you don’t want to be moving your mouse back and forth from the board to top right corner frantically trying to play in time.

I’ve moved the notification further up, I think this combination is effective: