Baduk lecture (Daily updates)

9 dan Baduk Live Review: If you know how to attack and invade, you can play like a high dan player :slight_smile:


Baduk Doctor, your video are among the more interesting I ever seen. They are really instructive. Please, go ahead with this.

Baduk Lecture 5 - Must Know Variation of the aji of 3.3 (All about corner 1)

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Miracle moment of Cho Chikun (Legend Match 1)


Why do you still get into 3.3? (All about corner 2)

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The disappeared joseki (All about corner 3)

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The moment when Cho Chikun approved of Lee Sedol (Legend Match 2)


[Baduk Lecture 7] Must Know Variation of Invasion 3 (Very Large Knight Move Attachment)

[Tygem 9 Dan Baduk Live Review 2] The way to win a losing game

The God of Endgame - Lee Chang-ho [Legend Match 3]

[Baduk Lecture 8] The difference between 3rd line and 4th line

[Pro Match Review] Oh Yujin’s Aggressive Play (Cho Chikun - Oh Yujin)