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The ancient game of abstract strategy is a difficult conversation topic for podcasts because of the visual aspects involved. However, if there was a podcast for baduk, would conversation pieces would you be interested in? For example . . .

The primary subject of the podcast can be overcoming the feeling of hopelessness when experiencing a losing streak. A SDK or Dan player could speak of their own previous experience in feeling stuck in a losing streak and how they can better prepare themselves to get away from the mentality, and what can be done in such a situation. The secondary subject could consist of experienced players speaking on the journey and the application of their learning process.
What do you think?


Would be nice to hear some nuggets of History, maybe biographical stories from the lives and careers of the masters. Are there any Go masters with lives as interesting as Bobby Fisher or Mikhail Tal? If there are, I would certainly like to hear about them.


Interesting point

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Would be nice to have a podcast. Although Go Talk ( was on YouTube, it was nearly a podcast with essentially interviews of different interesting people from the go world. Something like this and more of the same would be nice!


I forgot to mention.

I will also be adding a Q&A section for the audience


in a podcast series, daily tips would be nice

I will be posting the podcasts on soundcloud weekly, starting April 4th. You can follow me on Twitter @DeadinGote where I will be updating information, and replying to questions or concerns.

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Bump reply!

I was looking for a podcast on go this morning to listen to at work.
Thought I would check the forums here on OGS first, and happily found something.

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Unfortunately, it seems that there is no content available on that soundcloud link. Maybe the project was abandoned, never started, or everything was taken down?

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There’s also an interview with our next contestant in the Transatlantic Go Championship, Gansheng Shi. :slight_smile: