Baduk TV: 12 Week Miracle

I found an interesting reality show on Baduk TV with Englush subtitles: 12 Week Miracle. Two professional Go players in Korea are to train a rookie each so that the rookie is able to achieve 7 kyo in 12 weeks:


One of the two professional players is Cho Yeonwoo from , although she’s barely recognisable because she wears a very formal suit in the reality show, and hoodies on her youtube channel.


She wears a suit in some of her vids

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It actually is quite good from a pedagogical perspectives since you have two pros trying to explain the basics, tactics, and strategy in their own way to two complete beginners. It is also interesting to get the Korean approach to teaching Go instead of the Japanese approach that dominates so much literature that is available in Western languages.


It’s a fun series.
Choosing Yeonwoo and the comedian adds to the entertainment part.
The golf pro is hardly believable to me, but whatever.

I watched most of it but then I didn’t find interest in watching the last episodes. :man_shrugging:

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The gold player was just weird

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For the record:

Kim Mansoo, 8p
Cho Yeonwoo, 1p
Choi Guk, comedian
Lee Yeongeun, golf player

Well, on the one hand, she didn’t seem to grasp the basics of go, and, on the other hand, neither she nor Kim Mansoo had the entertainment value of Choi Guk and Cho Yeonwoo. The interaction between Guk and Yeonwoo was fun while the interaction between Yeongeun and Mansoo was usually awkward.

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I totally agree

Hey that was pretty fun. I skimmed episode 1 and the two final episodes because I was curious about the exam and it was very interesting to watch. It made me wish I could attend such and exam as well. :slight_smile:


The most fun part is to watch the interaction between Choi Guk and Cho Yeonwoo :smiley: