BadukEllington accepts challenge but does not play a move

I’m having trouble starting a game with the bot BadukEllington. It accepts my challenge, allows me to make a first move as Black, but then never plays its first move as White. This is curious because I have played several games with it with similar settings previously. Does anyone have any ideas? Could my game settings be relevant?

Hello @grauniad2,

the problem is most probably NOT on your side. Sometimes the computers running the bot freeze, lose connection or whatever.

I would just try again after a day, and chose another bot or human in the meantime. If you are super curious, or the problem persists you can message who is the administrator of the bot (you can always find this in the bots profile), or let me know and I will contact him for you. As the bot is not run by OGS, there is nothing more we can do, unfortunately :slight_smile:


Thank you @AdamR. I will follow your advice.

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Bot should be back to normal :slight_smile: