Banned but he is still playing

I was told by the moderator that a particualr player was banned. I won and he turned it so that he won by 239 points. I noticed up to yesterday, he is still playing.

It would be probably best to contact the moderator you dealt with for the “first hand” information, but in general:

Banning a player does not terminate his/her correspondence games. There is always the possibility of resolving the ban through an appeal in which case we feel it needless to ruin what is often a good ammount of games. The player will not be able to make moves in those games though. Perhaps that is what you observed.

Theoretically if there were any conditional moves pre-set it is likely these would still work, I never tested it though.


Forgive me for the shower thought, but -

Would it be possible to auto-pause the correspondence games, if a player is banned?
I don’t know, even forcibly using up their vacation days.

I understand it could be an added punishment for the banned player, having them lose a bunch of their correspondence games. But that could be also frustrating and unintended punishment (depending how they see winning by default) for their correspondence opponents.

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How does this work? Do banned players inevitably lose by timeout? (assuming no appeal)

Yeah pretty much. This is the simplest way anyway since correspondence timeouts auto annul after the first of a series so it’s minimum overhead for us and minimum rank impact should they successfully appeal later on.

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Makes sense. Definitely not what I would have expected, but it is a nice solution.

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