Banned from chat?

Why am I banned from chat?
my email is OK? What’s the problem?

Instead of airing dirty laundry in public, use to ask about moderator action.

EDIT: is also available.


I was banned for no apparent reason. I cant send messages to admins (none ever answered) so I ask here. As I understand, this is what this forum is for because you call it “Support”.

BTW, I have never seen those email addresses before. Where did you find those?
It seems even you (supposedly a moderator) have no idea which address to use for finding out what happened.

So, what happened?

OMG, not you again! AdamR, you must be the most useless and annoying character in this forum. :slight_smile:
Seriously. Go away.

But just in case, let me help you to understand, what “no apparent reason” means.


“It indicates that the author is saying they have no clue regarding the motives/reasons why an actor may have taken some action.”

I google’d this for you, AdamR.

BTW, you can giggle as much as you want, put this will not make the reason apparent. Got it?
Now go and waste someone else time, AdamR


Hahahaha :smiley: well props for actually making me laugh.
But if you seriously, actually for real want to talk about the ban, use the e-mails provided or send me or any other mod a PM here on the forums.