Bar for typing in messages in the reviews

I am bit tired of explaining to every newbie where the box for writing messages in a review is.

It’s strange that you have to scroll down to it. It takes minutes, some never find it. Is it at least explained somewhere on the site?

Scroll down to it? On a standart FullHD (which I would assume is what most people would have) I certainly don’t have to scroll down. Or are we talking about mobile? Or am I misunderstanding completely?

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What does fullHD mean?

On my macbook pro from 2015, 13.3-inch (2560 x 1600) I can’t see the chat in the review without scrolling down.

It’s more or less the same when you go into analyse mode in a game. I mean you’re not scrolling the board, just all of the stuff on the side, player names move tree comments etc all move together with a scroll.

For me the “move comments…” box - is fine, but if you were talking to someone through chat while reviewing you would have to scroll up and down.

This is all for standard 100% zoom in Chrome for example, but for me if I change the zoom to about 75% or less then it doesn’t resize the board and you can fit the whole lot on the side.



so yeah, not ideal.



This is what I had to resort to the last time. It’s just a tad impractical.


Just to add that on my HP 15,6" I need to scroll and sometimes it scrolls the page, sometimes it scrolls what I intent it to scroll (only the right column with the chat) and it’s really one of the few things I wish I could change on OGS.

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What causes this is that the .chat-container class has min-height set to 250px. Changing it to 100px gives it enough space for about two to three lines of chat to be displayed. However, on certain small monitors, it will probably still not fit on the screen.

How about we shrink the nameplates by removing the avatars in review mode? They’re not used for timing, and in case of demo boards there aren’t even avatars to display anyways:


As mentioned elsewhere, there is currently a fair bit of unused space each side of the goban on a regular screen. The goban is currently 50% and the RHS is 25%. Why not move the Analyze and Review stuff to the LHS making regular chat visible in the usual way on the RHS?

If I am understanding what I see correctly (not guaranteed), there is already an unused ‘left column’ set up in the display: