Batoo on OGS?

Will Batoo ever be an optional game variant available on OGS?

A link of what it was, for those who may have seen the short lived korean attempt to make a more go variant that would appeal to younger audiences more familiar with online gaming.

I wish I had somehow been able to try this, it looks fun. Go will always be my favorite game, but I’m not sure the game in its current form could ever birth a “twitch speed” chessbrah type fanbase, which is too bad as I think that guy’s channel plus lichess are keeping chess strong online.

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i’ve played it a couple times when it came out

it was kinda cool and somehow it just died out

but i think this game is too advanced for ddk, because you have to read out normal moves and watch out for the hidden moves
which means much more reading skills is involved

so in the end, maybe 9x9 just owns this variant because 9x9 is good/fun for all levels

anyways, those are just my opinion
it would be fun to have them here though, just probably not getting too much action for it


I think CGS may solve the issue of making Go understandable at a glance for twitch viewers.

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It would help with more link so people who doesn’t know about it before (like me) can click instead of Googling.

Also where do you play it now?

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So basically you make three moves per turn or how does it work? I am actually a SDK in real life but DDK in OGS used lot of capital letters for this .

This is why I said OP should leave a link lol.

Basically this is a video game version of Go.

The 3 original stones are kind of a base for each side, and each of them worth more than normal (5 points for keeper/capturer). After that the game progress relatively as normal (25s/move) with some additional rules that would further add or subtract point for person who violate/satisfy them.

Counting rule seems like Chinese rule to me (you get point for your stones + territory). Some stone (like the base stones) worth more point than other, and likewise some territory intersection worth more, and some intersection would be “minus point”


Thanks @Chinitsu 凸^-^凸 ⊂((・x・))⊃(。ì _ í。)

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Sorry everyone! Here are some links to what I discovered about Batoo;

That last link actually has Gu Li playing batoo in it.

Komi bidding and hidden stones on a timed 11x11 board seem to be interesting twists in my opinion. It looks like it is faster, more oriented towards fighting, and a little flashier for a crowd to watch. In any case, it seems like it could be something fun to play here.

In my opinion there are 2 things that keep Go from being as attractive to younger people as chess can be. Go takes time and it is very subtle. It can be hard to recognize what is going on in go until it is too late for beginners. Unfortunately this is part of what makes Go really beautiful for me, but I think it keeps beginners away.

Internet bullet chess is fast and crowd pleasing. Chess is very destructive… you are always killing things. This is less complex than go, but easy for people to pick up. Batoo strikes me as offering some of these characteristics that are enjoyable for beginners as well.

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Is there anywhere with a complete written description of the rules and mechanics? A lot of resources, including Sensei’s Library, are a bit vague about how the game specifically worked. This would of course need to be known in order to implement anything.

I understand that Batoo is now defunct. If the aim is to generate quicker games for a broader audience, I’m not sure if additional mechanics really helps to make Go more accessible, and I would rather just see strong player play 9x9 under rapid time settings. I think the best way to improve accessibility is to have great and well-produced commentary.


I think this one looks like it’s raising two middle fingers, essentially saying something I shouldn’t spell out on the forum…


I found another old website that has a better list of the rules.

from the website…

"* you play on a 11×11 board

  • There’s a scoreboard on top of the interface that keeps track of your points during the game. There are specific intersections that make you gain or lose points during the game.
  • Every player places 3 stones at the beginning of the game (a base). If you and your opponent occupy the same spot, it will become empty once the game commences. Before the placement is finished, your opponent can’t see where you’re building your base.
  • There is no komi. Players bet points before the game starts, whoever bets more gets to go first.
  • Probably the most interesting concept are the “hidden”- and “scan”-feature. Each player can place a hidden stone on the board. It will remain invisible to the opponent until it causes some kind of effect (killing a stone, connecting a group that would die,…). The scan-feature allows you to (only once in a game) guess if the hidden stone is on a specific intersection you choose."

Not sure I really care picking characters in the game (lol), but the rules seem super interesting.


The problem is unlike Go, it is a competitive video game that is the result of research and then marketing.

What I mean is, even if it’s now defunct, the IP most likely still belong to someone that wouldn’t allow you to just implement it anywhere you please.


It isn‘t raising middle fingers

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I think it is more like raising the second not middle finger or it is cheeks

A new server at started to manage Batoo games in April 2021


The best way is to include go in the children school things they have to discover once.