Battle bots

If we could arrange bots to fight, or in extreme example, allow us to pick weights ect.
Would make for more interesting battles. Maybe even users of non playing interests. Schools could use ogs if a build your own Go bot was a thing. (Make adjustments so bots delete after inactivity or gain autonomy:)

Ps. That sai bot full of #$@%? Does it remember every game? If so did it learn from playing just ogs players?

I’m a bit confused about the central premise of your post. AI bots play each other on OGS all the time. There’s nothing to arrange - it’s already happening every hour of every day.

Are you suggesting something else?


Are you suggesting something similar to CGOS?


CGOS is what I assumed the OP was talking about. Especially the “different weights” part of the comment.

Is this to be a modified version of the old battery powered “Rock 'em Sock’em” robots from the sixties? In this case a pair of robots play a go game, and then, dissatisfied with the result, they proceed to hammer away at each other until one of them runs out of juice? Compelling stuff.

I’ll go away now.


Come to think of it, I don’t believe those robots were really battery powered. I’m glad I had the opportunity to clarify that crucial point.


There’s a television show called BattleBots (it’s actually a recent revival of an older program)

Although, I guess some might contend that the show should be called BattleRobots


Is there someplace where this is cataloged? Like, is there like a leader board for the robots playing each other on OGS? Or just a list of all of the AI accounts?

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I used to love watching Robot Wars back in the day! Was sad to see it cancelled.

@RubyMineshaft BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Due to the current state of CGOS for at least the 19x19 board it is flooded with clones of LZ and others with even worst matters of issues of lack of hardware/specs to get a gauge of progression of AI for future AI’s such as SAI, Katago, and other newcomers such as college projects as @RyukBaduk stated . Would be neat if their was a group similarly to metaphysician group on making tournament or ladder not sure which is better, for AI competition or equal hardware controlled settings such as CCRL that is clean and simple, or such efforts similar to charts like

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I loved that show when I was younger! I’ll have to check out the reboot




So you can make royalzero play masamune on OGS ? I dunno how.

I can’t, and you can’t… but the owners of either royalzero OR masamune can.

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Im clueless on tge hardware and why it even matters. I was really thinking it would be nice if anyone could set any bot with in reasonable rank difference. It could finish games too vague to see all the best moves. And may reveal bugs, bias plays, or something humans wouldnt be mathematically inclined enough to produce the shenanigans needed to win. :woozy_face: cuz i think leela is too cocky and wouldnt tell me if i was really able to win even if its only locally, which brings me to a global eye local eye evaluation.

And thats the idea of the post lol im really asking what would be the downfall of others having control to fight each other?

Split variation could have a black and white player option for only the bots. Ive had leela play a pro position but against my ddk muscle isnt nearly as accurate

The way to do that is build your own bot and connect it to OGS.

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Thats actually half of my dream of yall trying to make what i picture, a battle bot build station. Its just a cool idea, if you know a place they explain how to make a bot for dummies feel free to link me in.

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