Bay Area Summer Go Tournament

The Bay Area Go Players Association are hosting their Summer Go Tournament in San Francisco today.

I happen to be visiting the USA right now so I’ll be heading over. Is anyone else here going?

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Well, I guess I’m a bit late to say this, but I went to the tournament.
If I remember correctly I had a game next to one of yours.

I was the teenager with red hair.

I am a beginner in the bay area and am thinking of going to a tournament in the future. What is the time control at the tournament and how many games do you have to play?

@mekriff with the long hair, right? Well I hope you had a good tournament :+1:

And @PATB, this was my first tournament. There were 40 minutes main time with a few 30 second periods added on. I played four games. The atmosphere was friendly and I was really impressed with the attitudes of the organisers. I would recommend visiting the San Francisco Go club. I’ll be visiting again before I return to the UK.