Beating RoyalZero (with a handicap)

I’ve been getting back to go lately, and have been playing lots of games vs. computer opponents for some low-stress practice. I’ve been playing a few games against RoyalZero, lately, and have noticed that it often plays in a similar manner, which makes winning pretty easy. I take the star points, then it invades all of them on the 3.3 points, and runs out along the second line for most of the length of the board. Then it invades the middle, realizes it’s given me huge moyos everywhere, and resigns. I kinda wish there was a way to get it to play on, since I’m sure it’s got the skills necessary to severely reduce me, but oh well.

I’m sure this is an artifact of the fact that it wasn’t trained to play handicap go, but it looks pretty funny. Here’s one of the best examples: ckersch88 vs. RoyalZero (handicap 6)

Anyone else having these types of games?