Begginer looking for teacher, study buddies

so i just decided to actually and get good at this game, i have a bit of experience will go before, but i still consider myself a complete begginer. so id like to meet fellow newbies to have some games and maybe do some studying together. also, if there is a low double digit kyu or anyone with more experience that wants to give advice on how to improve or play a couple of teaching games, i am all for that as well :smile:

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I like to help novices, so I’m at your disposal. :smile:
I have no time to play live, tho, so if you want some teaching games I can only play correspondence.

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ohhh, thats good for me, that gives me long time to think about my moves, how do we set it up? :slight_smile:

Id be willing to try and help . but i work nights so im only available from 1500 ish to 2200 ish

sweet, send me a message and we can set up schedules :slight_smile:

If you want to set up a correspondence game you can contact me via PM or chat, my nickname is “ema” in outside the forum too. :slight_smile:

Hey I would love a study buddy, I would also like to really learn to play and am also very very new.

What do you think of playing together and going over the games with Ema? Ema how does that sound to you?

i like how you think salty, i am always up for a game, pm me and we can set up a schedule and the like :smile:

what are you using for study?

I don’t have any books right now but I want to get a copy of Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go.

Also I have been through the learning process from beginning to intermediate in a lot of things and I have found I don’t do well without a lot of hands on experience. So I am trying to cram in a lot of throw away games just to get my brain comfortable seeing stones on the board.

What have you used/ are using?

Also new users on this forum can’t use PMs, but I am available all week in the 8am - 12pm USWestern time

Im available to help. Same time as FGC_Salty.
Live only. PM me if interested

That’s a good plan. :slight_smile: You should continue doing that until around 20k imho. :slight_smile:

And then playing is great, but you will understand enough by then to benefit from lectures on Youtube or go books and what you learn from those will help prevent bad habits from forming.

But 25k through 20k playing lots of games is the best way to get started. :slight_smile:

sweet, so i used a free book called “falling in love with baduk” and a copy of champion go for practice, i am kinda scared to go against human oponents loool…but i am playing at least 1 game a day, and im using the “graded go problems for begginers” series to get some basic reading skills.

i have the “lessons in the fundamentals of go”, but i think it is a bit too advanced for me at this point, i can gain some general principles, but a lot of what it says just flies right through my head looool

maybe we could set up a game for tomorrow, to compare strenght hahahaha, i would have to double check the time zone diferences, but i think i could make it at around 10-11ish your time :smile:

always interested, my good man, i can do a match maybe on wednesday, would that be ok with ya? :slight_smile:

Sure, will be online tomorow then. Message me in the actual playing web when you’re online tmr

I will be online to watch!

How disappointing you didn’t turn up. @FGC_Salty is welcome to find me though. No arrangements or promises. Just hit me up if you see me online (should be around during your time period, FGC_Salty, and we can play when I see the message for a game. If I don’t then there’s always a next time. Not gonna make an effort being alert to OGS and checking from time to time for a no-show like enishi39.

sorry i couldnt show up, i had an emergency and was only able to get online now…ill be on later tomorrow, ill see if i can find you…

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i am looking for new players too, as i am new to game…

Maybe I’m a little late in this thread, but I’m a newbie too! I started this week as an absolute beginner. I still have made very little progress, but I’m intrigued and want to go on. I do have a full time job and two little kids at home, so my time is fairly limited and progress may be slow compared to people with plenty of time on their hands. If slow progression is something that appeals to any of the other newbies here, drop me a pm (same user name as well). Anyone who is available for some help every now and then (either correspondence, or live in the evenings of Western Europe) would be greatly appreciated too :).

Hi guys, Im not a newbie as such, ive been playing for a while but not very much so im still a beginner. Im up for studying together or something. Im a student so I have a fair amount of free time but when that is is fairly random most days though Im normally free in the evenings. :smile: