Beginner - Confused on scoring (9x9 game)

I’m struggling to understand how I (black) lost by 6 points. From my understanding, I occupy/control 41 out of 81 spaces (>50%) AND have captured 9 stones compared to zero, so how did I lose by 6 points?

Not familiar with the app you are showing but I would put my money on komi (the extra points given to White to make up for going second in an even game). Typically around 6.5pts

Well it’s Chinese scoring obviously, so…


-6.5=81-(40+x); 41-x=-6.5; x=47.5
Komi=47.5-40 = 7.5

Komi was 7.5, par for the course in any modern 9x9 with Chinese rules.

Nota bene: prisoners are irrelevant under Chinese rules. It’s purely

[Live stones + Territory + Komi] - [Live stones + Territory] 

Just for the record, White wins by 0.5 points with Japanese scoring and a (fairly standard) 6.5 komi:

Black: 11 points of territory = 11 points

White: 14 points territory - 9 captured stones + 6.5 komi = 5 + 6.5 = 11.5 points

Playing diamond shapes after the game has (basically) concluded (with at least .5 advantage) is also indicative of botting.

Thank you for going into the detail! I really appreciate it. That makes sense to me now.

Or TPK play, ironically.

After beating 5k on 9x9? :thinking:

No clearly not in that specific case, I was just amused that bots and TPKs do the same weird behaviour in some circumstances :slight_smile:

Mind you it might be the exact same case here: a TPK using a bot and not recognising the mistake :smiley: