Beginner Fundamentals Teaching Games

I’ve only played maybe 20 games since learning the basics of the rules. I’m looking to play 3-5 correspondence teaching games to get a firmer grasp on good fundamentals like strong vs weak shapes, territory vs influence, and true vs false eyes. There’s just so much to wrap my head around it feels like it’s slow going on my own.

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20? That’s still a very short experience, so you can still play more quick live games with players around your level.
We can play a live game with review if we find a synchro time, just contact me.

Welcome to go and to OGS. I will play a correspondence 19x19 teaching game with you. Send me a challenge with the following specifications: Unranked, standard komi, Fischer time with 3 days to start + 1 day per move, weekend pause, no handicap, Japanese rules, your choice of color.

I will use an ongoing teaching style rather than an end-of-game review.

I am in Virginia in the U.S. and will be out until early evening, so don’t be surprised if I don’t respond right away.

What is your player name on OGS? dallasrhinehart does not appear.

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Ya, I’ve been playing some blitz games on goquest and normal games on online-go. I’m just trying to learn as much as a can while I quickly lose my first 100 games.

Sounds good to me! Thank you! I believe it’s Furda

Hey Conrad. Can I play a teaching game with you? I would appreciate it.

Kind regards, CheddarsTug