Beginner is a supra clever level

Yep i want to share my feeling toward beginners and beyond the fact that i may want him to become a worthy opponent one day.

Beginners are supra clever in their intuition, that’s my point. Not every move but that doesn’t matter. I love play them for this side. I’m serious. Many times i was asthounished by the quality of their move, that i would never expect to be here on the board. I would say 7d+ move, no joke.
Of course a beginner almost don’t read. But that makes it even more impressive.
Of course a beginner forget quickly the goal of the game but that’s something easy to remind him.

Now a beginner will want to improve and win. That’s where the problems come. Besides learning what high level of focus is required, he has to decrypt his intuition through reading, concepts, strategies and tactics…
In that process he will lose a big part of his initial advantage to only get it back much later.
Go is a cruel world in some way.


Go is really like art in this way. In the beginning, people don’t know the established language and just play how they want to play. Most of it is nonsense, but some of it is often good and can be astoundingly creative. But they need an established language and then, within that established language, the liberty to be themselves. So it’s normal for players to go through a period of trying to understand the routine maneuvers and standard sequences (joseki anyone?) when their play is not so interesting. But the best players always come back to being themselves. Being yourself is a mark of genius all by itself.