Beginner looking for 13x13 teaching game

I am beginner who has played a few 9x9 games and would like a teaching game on bigger boards—preferably 13x13 to begin with. I prefer correspondence, if possible.


I would be happy to play you, feel free to send me a challenge

I sent you an invite. I see that you’re also in the Fast Correspondence group, so there’s a decent chance that we’ll get paired up through that sometime too.

I am not in this group if i remember correctly, have you got the right name ? (Because i didn’t receive your challenge)

I was replying to the person who started this thread and was asking for a teaching game.

Yeah just saw it haha I am stupid

Heh, no big deal.

We’re about the same level. If you care for a 19x19 game, shoot me an invite.

Ah, I would’ve but I tend to prefer live for even matches. So i guess we’re not going to find an agreement unfortunately.

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accepted, thanks