Beginner looking for a review

I’ve only recently learned the rules of Go and would really appreciate a review of one of my games:

On multiple occasions throughout this game I played moves that I can see were weak due to handing initiative (sente?) over to my opponent. Moves such as 15, 19 (self atari - doh!), 31 were moves that allowed my opponent to atari my stone(s) before theirs in the fight. I also suspect that I am fighting to save dead groups for too long.

Any help would be much appreciated. If anyone is able to offer any teaching games or other general tips on how to approach getting started with Go, that would also be welcomed.


Hey, looked like a fun game :slight_smile: I tried to give you some thoughts here:

I am only about 14K so it is possible I overlooked something, but I thought it might help anyway. Indded you made several suiciadal moves which seemed kind of unnecessary seeing that the game was reasonably timed. Always try to imagine what is the worst that could happen to your stone before putting him down.

my advice to getting started would be to just play a lot of games. Right now you just need to learn some of the basic moves and practice reading ahead a little. When you have the basics down and if you still want to learn further, we can of course reccomend some books, you can play tsumego puzzles and so on. If you have any questions feel free to ask. And if you want to challenge me, feel free to add me to your friendlist and send me a challenge when I am online. After the game I can give you some feedback again if you want.

it seems you already got quite a good review!
only note on the review - where he says its a disaster for black (after the invasion) its actually quite good for black, since with the strength he got, he could’ve invaded white easilly, and broken white’s shape, so dont be afraid of getting strength at the price of territory!

as for advice for beginners - my prefered method of studying was tsumego, in these 2 sites:

the second site is great, because it keeps problems that have the same concept behind them together, so, even if you dont understand the concept at first you can learn it while solving many problems that look the same.

the first site is more casual, but it has so many problems!
basically, i would alternate between the 2, start with gochild, untill you really cant understand whats going on, and then go to goproblems.

and ofcourse, dont forget to play and have fun!
remmember, no move or idea is sacred, try anything you want to try and see where it brings you :slight_smile:

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@Adam3141 thank you for taking the time to review the game @levav I am just taking a look at gochild now, thanks for the link :slight_smile: