Beginner looking for other beginners to chat and do some casual games

Hey ! I just started playing go recently, and I was looking out for other beginner players.
My idea is that, if you and other people are also pretty new to the game, we could form a little group to chat about our progress, how our perception of the game is evolving, form rivalries etc.
Plus it’s a good way to meet new people ! To chat about non go related topics and broaden our horizons.
So in that spirit : hey, I’m a philosophy student (just finished my masters) in my mid twenties from western Europe, passionate about literature, japanese cinema (esp from the middle of the XXth century), and I’m really into video-games (old school shmups and RPGS atm).
Started really playing 1 or 2 weeks ago because I’ve always been fascinated by the game. It has this vibe of deep and complexe gameplay through minimalism and efficiency. Playing it, I especially love how the game flows (from local battles to the larger picture, or how each stone’s role is recontextualized depending on its surrounding stones - is it in a defensive position ? an aggressive one ? Is it dominating ? Weak ?)


Hi Strombolly, welcome to OGS (forums).
When you check out the Play section of the site, you will see that there are a lot of players of 25 kyu on OGS. That is one place where you can meet absolute beginners. But there are other places to look for beginners.
In the Tournaments section there are sometimes special tournaments for 20-25 kyu.I am also pretty sure that there are in the Groups section already groups who focus on 20-25 kyu level.

Good luck and hope you enjoy your stay at OGS!

Edit: also interesting for 25 kyu’s is @tonybe’s 19x19 for beginners series “THINGS I WISH I KNEW WHEN I WAS 25 KYU


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Sorry if the thread is a little redundant. I tried looking for similar threads on the forum before posting, but with your pointers I’ll have an easier time.

Thanks again for the warm welcome !

Thanks for thinking of me (tip-o-the-hat)

@ Strombolly - welcome to the community! Here’s a link to the first article in my 19x19 FOR BEGINNERS series. You’ll find links to the next article at the bottom of any given article:

If this whets your appetite, you can find a lot more helpful guidance at the OGS Community Go Resources page (created by forum members for forum members)

Good luck and enjoy your journey : )


Hey welcome! Nice to hear that you are into philosophy.

There are a bunch of players into mathematics and computing well I think more as in your world, but some of them are in same as you, I knew one president of a club in West France and Mr Kim who teached many french players was in this too.