Beginner looking for some feedback on a game

Hi all. I’m sure you get bazillions of posts and requests like this, but I’m a beginner who has muddled my way forward learning Go, feels he has a basic grasp of the game and some of the concepts. Having said that, I’m not sure I really understand the wider tactical and strategic side of things, and particularly I feel I have no idea what I’m really doing lategame when you’re mostly making things secure and looking for little pushes and the like against your opponent.

I was hoping someone might give me some basic feedback on a recent 9x9 game of mine that played out to the end against someone a few ranks higher than me (I’m apparently 23 kyu, but I have no idea if that’s at all reflective of my ability). General weakness in my play, or specific things I should have kept an eye on? Moves I should really have made? Pretty sure I had some serious misplays in my top left corner towards the end, but would like a second opinion :slight_smile:

Thanks for any and all help.

I can’t give a full review now (i will later if no one else has by then). I just had a very quick scroll through the game,

If your opponent plays a stone that touches your stone, you generally want to respond “locally” by making your stone stronger (especially in the opening).

Try playing move 79 at h5. You win by all the points! Recognising when a group is in attari is an important skill. Also knowing when it is ok to ignore the attari is also important (e.g Move 21).

I did a short review of your game.

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Hi, thank you both for your help thus far. Yeah, I think I just have trouble reading states and judging life and death accurately. around move 70 is when it started to feel wrong and I just really had no idea of what moves were safe and what weren’t. I knew I could form eyes on the front somehow, I just couldn’t grasp exactly how to make it unconditionally safe, and I still didn’t really get how to kill off the white group.

Thanks for the comments, including the ones where I actually made reasonable plays. I’m still mostly playing at the level of intuition, tho (some of those ‘good’ plays were made just cause they felt good, rather than because of any long term strat), so it’s good to have concrete feed back.