Beginner looking for teaching game

Hi, I’m new to Go and really only have 13x13 experience. I’m decent at tsumego and yose (for a beginner, of course) but terrible at everything else. Could somebody take the time to play a 19x19 teaching game with me?

Ok, let’s give it a try. Send me a challenge. Make sure that analysis is enabled. If you want to use handicaps play the ‘star points’ I prefer to take it slow discussing as we proceed. Looking forward to an interesting game

hi, im new to here. can i ask for a teaching game too?

ps: im not sure if i should reply here or create a new thread.

What grade are you and what are you looking for?

im 19k , played some games, learn some puzzle and joseki.
im not really sure what im looking for? im quite new here.
(will u laugh at me if my reply is: looking for a teacher to teach me play better?)

noone is about to laugh at you :smiley: (at least i hope not). what chacha meant (i assume) was wether you wanted a live game or a correspondence game and which board size you preferred.

please feel free to send me a challenge for a correspondence game anytime, if you fancy a live game ill see what i can do :wink:.


thanks alot. i prefer 19x19, some joseki doesnt really work on smaller board. but i’ll accept any suggestion that is good for my improvement.

edit: challenge sent

Thanks kickaha, yes I was just trying to get some basics. I’m happy to start a teaching game. I like to do it slow/correspondence, with time to discuss each move/groups of moves. In the beginning it will be opening strategy and move onto different things as we go according to what comes up…
So, send a challenge. make sure you enable analysis. 19x19. If you want to use handicap play on the star points. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks chachapuma. Slow is good for me.

Hi I’m a total beginner. I did purchase a IRT 19x19 board and have been doing my best to learn the rules, using the practice suggestions on this site. I’m just not wrapping my head around it yet. I’m really frustrated as I really want to learn how to play. I’ve printed out rules and I even watched the documentary hoping I’d get some insight…nada. Do I need to read a book? Or is it the lack of having a human being to play face to face with in the beginning that’s making me so clueless. FYI I"ve never been one for rules, didn’t excel in maths nor learned Chess, feeling really disheartened :confused:

Rules of Go are somewhat weird… They are simple (which is a great appeal for me) - each piece has the same rules and value, there is only a few directives, and yet it somehow requires the “click” moment when it suddenly after several games starts to make perfect sense :smiley:

Yes, it is. I think some of the subtler differences are hard to grasp from paper alone. Let’s have a Q&A game? :slight_smile:


Sounds good, I’m all for being embarrassed in all forms of life :wink:

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Then feel free to send me a correspondece challenge any time, or try for a live game tomorrow :slight_smile:

Same here. I’m coming back to the game after a long break and can definitely help out a beginner.