Beginner review request - 9x9 - 24k vs 19k

Hello, I recently started playing and have been predominantly playing 9x9. I recently played a game with somebody a bit above my skill level and got completely demolished. I was wondering if anyone would be able to review some of the tactical or strategic errors I made.

Clickable game link:

I would strongly recommend looking at this: and how it applies to move 37 by you.


Thanks, I was trying to make two eyes after that when he threw in, but I didn’t even realize I ruined my first eye in 37.


Hello :slight_smile:

mostly I think you still need some experience seeing ataris and one move beyond atari, and practice life and death a little, but I tried to punch in some basic comments anyway.

hope it helps


Thanks! Your comments are a huge help. Your assessment of my strategy that game of “Mindless blood lust” is unfortunately way too accurate. I initially thought I saw weakness in the white invasion stone, but that lead to a very sloppy attack from me with completely disconnected stones and cutting points everywhere.

First steps in weiqi are more focused on “to see” as on elaborating strategies. Everyone went through this, @AdamR is pretty right on that.
Hope the best in your progress.

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