Beginner seeks friends for tutoring matches

Hello everyone!

I’m a beginner that’s looking for people to have teaching matches with, reviewing games and getting advice and comments on in game decision making.

Now, I really appreciate everyone’s time; and I’d be willing to pay for online tutoring; but…

I live in Venezuela, which means that:

  • Because of government’s controls, I can’t get a currency in to pay anyone with.
  • I can’t anyone to play with here. The game isn’t popular at all in my country.

Because of that, I’m limited to looking for people that would do it for fun or out of the kindness of their heart. Though that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be any less enthusiast with the classes. On the contrary, I’ll make much more out of them, in any case.

With no further due,
Have a great day, everyone!

I’m happy to help but I’m about 9k funny know if v will be enough for you.