Beginner vs. Beginner "Learning Games"

In an OGS teaching game, a teacher started the chat by saying, "Hello. Let’s comment on our own and each other’s moves to get better at Go."​ What a great concept. :smiley:

Along the same lines, I’m thinking that beginners could play other beginners and still learn something from each other’s chat comments. Unlike a “teaching game” between a teacher and a student, this would be a “learning game” between two students.

If this sounds like something you might like to try, reply to this post. Tell us a little about your Go experience, and mention what type of games you’d be interested in (size, live/correspondence, and so on). Maybe we can make some connections here so that we can all “…get better at Go.”


I’ll start… I discovered Go a couple of weeks ago and have been studying ever since. The server ranked me at 25k(?), but I’ve played only a few actual games. I’m looking for other beginners to walk though games together, commenting on our moves and board positions. Maybe together we can help each other figure it out. Stronger players would certainly be welcome, too, although I would not want to waste your time while I am so new to the game.

Maybe 13x13 would be a good size. Live or correspondence is fine. We could add extra time to a live game so that we both have plenty of time to comment. Anyone interested in giving it a try?

Hey there, I’ll started playing Go 2 Month ago but haven’t really played on 13x13 or 19x19 but I want to start when I finished my Exams this Week.
I would like to play so when I start playing more from the next week on I add you and we can play :smiley:

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Sounds good, @razzok. I will send you a PM early next week and we can arrange a time. Good luck on your exams! :smiley:

Hello! I started playing Go about a week ago (currently 22k(?)) and I’d be happy to play with you. I prefer correspondence games but live is also fine if we can work out a time :slight_smile: PM me and we can start playing.

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Thanks so much for the game offer, @octahedrite. I just sent you a message. This will be my first correspondence game, and I’m looking forward to trying it. :smiley:

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Hi way2go! I am new at Go, and only been playing for a week. I’d really like to have a “learning game” with another beginner since I need to grasp the concept of moves in Go. If you’d like we can play a learning game and improve together. Live or Corresp. is fine as long as we can arrange the time. Cheers

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Hi all! I started a few weeks ago and am happy to play correspondence games with lively discussion. Haven’t played a whole lot, still at 25k. Feel free to challenge and/or add me!

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Welcome, @adhisatrio and @Harcel. Nice to have you join us. :smiley:

There are five of us now. We can all send each other correspondence challenges on the main site. If you prefer live games, send a private message on the forum here to arrange a time.

For anyone new, you can send a forum message by clicking on the person’s name in their post, and then click the Message button. You can also view all your forum messages by clicking on the circular icon in the upper right corner, then click on the small envelope icon.

I will send messages and correspondence challenges to everyone who has posted in this thread so far. If you want to change anything about the challenge, cancel it and challenge me with the settings you’d like. If you’d rather play someone else, just cancel my challenge and contact the other player instead.

This should be fun. :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing about 14 days Go. I have to play against the computer started and when I got no further here. I started to read 2 German Go books and have begun to solve tasks at . Since the weekend, I’m registered here and have much time used to analyze my game. I find the idea very well so I’d like to do with.
at the time I play most time 9x9

greetings Carsten :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry 4 bad english I use google :wink:

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Hi, Carsten. I will send you a 13x13 challenge. If you prefer to play 9x9, just cancel mine and feel free to challenge anyone else in this thread. We are all beginners looking to play other beginners.

So far, I have not done much at, although I have been working through two other sites, and .

If anyone new needs help with setting the time controls for these learning games, see the advice in this thread: Question about Time Control settings

I will cancel three of my challenges that haven’t started yet and issue new ones with better time settings.

So I am finished with my Exams and I am back from my short Trip to Hamburg. Now everyone can massage me and we can play some Games :smiley:

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Tee hee