Question about Time Control settings

In another thread, we have beginners playing beginners in “learning games.” Could someone explain what would be appropriate time settings for both live and correspondence games? We want to have plenty of time to comment on our moves, but I suppose there need to be at least some limits for when a player abandons a game. Since I don’t have much experience yet, I’d appreciate hearing some suggestions for setting the time controls.

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For these learning games with other beginners set the game to un-ranked. That way you can set as large as a time you want and if someone abandons the game you can just resign that way it has no effect on your actually ranking.

If you want the games to be ranked for live 30 main time with 5x30 seconds byo yomi should be enough. For correspondence I would set it up like a ladder game Clock starts with 3 days and increments by 1 day per move up to a maximum of 3 days.


@HowToPlay, thanks for the quick reply. I’m sending unranked challenges for these games, but some of the players want to play ranked instead.

I’m assuming the 3d+1d max 3d is Fischer.

Yes it’s Fischer

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