Hello everyone! I’m new in the world of go and i would like to know if somebody can teach me how to play it! I only know basics rules, and played 3 games. I’m french but i can also speak english ;).


Welcome, @Sylarr!

Have you already worked through The Interactive Way To Go?

This should be an obligatory course for all beginners, IMO. I also did it when I was a newbie (actually when I returned to Go after decades).


yep i did it ^^


Oh, great :slight_smile:

I’m overstressed currently, so I won’t offer a teaching game, but I’m sure you’ll find others who are happy to do so.

Enjoy your games here :slight_smile:

Cordially, Tom


Ahah no problem :wink: thank you very much ^^.


I have sent you a teaching game offer (correspondence 9x9). I hope this suits. If not just decline, no problem.


I’m happy to help too - message me if need be.


Im still a beginner but if you want to play, hit me up, im always happy to play a game.

you might also want to check this little book out:

its really good to get an idea of the basics of the game :slight_smile:


I am always happy to give a teaching game, just send me a message