Sometimes I can watch dwyrin, sometimes he’s just way too salty and I leave after like 5 mins… but I do the same for the times xhu98 goes on tilt…
My favourite, though certainly not as educational as the two mentioned above, streamers to watch are Hanayeol and Balonator (sadly the latter streams a variety of games, not just go, but that’s cool) and my favourite YouTuber is Sibicky (I’m also really hoping Brady’s Blunders comes back) and Haylee is growing on me… I enjoyed her hachibango against Leela Zero


OK. Will go back to Dwyrin when I am in a more forgiving mood. :grinning:

I do not know how to do multi quotes. So just clicked Reply to mekriff, AdamR, BronzeV and BHydden. Probably would not work! :upside_down_face:

Know that I do appreciate all your support. :pray:

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I believe only I was actually replied to, but to multi quote you can just highlight / select the relevant text and it should have a popup “quote” button that will append it to wherever your cursor is in the textbox.