BenGoZen's article on "teaching" go


BenGoZen had a really nice article recently about “teaching” go (in the sense of introducing beginners rather than strengthening students).

Some very nice points to keep in mind for when we reach out to complete beginners to introduce them to the game.


A capture go rules set would be nice.

Most stones on the board plus captures. I would say to make it a free game with a fixed clock according to board size (nine minutes, 13 minutes and 19 minutes.)

It would allow people to discover the rules rather than to be guided.

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The link provided by @yebellz is awesome. As someone who feels incredibly uncomfortable in the role of ‘teacher’, I really liked this link. Unashamedly reawakening this topic. Let’s resume talking about how to teach Go. For me BenGoZen’s article highlights the difference between teaching and coaching.


Thanks for the necro, I’ll save this for later. Looks like a good read but don’t have the time right now.

EDIT: read it, loved it, shared it everywhere :stuck_out_tongue: