Best opening? + polls

What is the best opening for you?

  • 2 x hoshi / 4-4 point
  • 2 x komoku/3-4 point
  • 2 x takamoku/5-4 point
  • 2 x 3-3
  • hoshi / 4-4 point + komoku/3-4 point
  • hoshi / 4-4 point + takamoku/5-4 point
  • hoshi / 4-4 point + 3-3 point
  • Other (comment)

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Sorry if i confused you.

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hm…there’s no best opening
only preferable opening

imho poll should be something like

  1. invade 3-3 immediately AI opening
  2. AI corner enclosure 3-4 + 6-4
  3. chinese fuseki
  4. mini chinese fuseki
  5. micro chinese fuseki
  6. nirensei (two star opening)
  7. sanrensei (3 star opening)
  8. tengen opening
  9. mirror go
  10. shusaku opening
  11. cosmic style opening
  12. Gansiyang opening
  13. Kobayashi opening
  14. Orthodox opening
  15. diagonal opening
  16. Mukai komuku (double 3-4 facing each other)

Kobarensei, my own beautiful creation ^___^

…But seriously speaking, my openings are nowdays really boring :c
As black i i prefer dual / “rotating” 3-4’s and then approaching on the largest side.
As white i usually play my first move on 3-4 facing the diag corner from b’s stone hoping for a cross-opening, then play 4-4 in the last empty corner.
And regardless which colour i am, after those 2-3 moves i just try to find the biggest moves.


:expressionless:Koba + rensei

It also depends on how the other player opens and whether you’re white or black.


It has a sensei’s page, where it’s called Jabberwocks or slanty-ren-sei. But that’s indeed a fun opening, I’ve played it a couple of times :slight_smile:


this is one of my favorite opening

Did you mean the lower left stone to be a 3-4 stone? That’s the San Andreas Fault Fuseki which I believe you invented.