Best set of stones for under $40?

Hey guys, I’m thinking of getting a set of actual stones to play with and found three sets that seem to have my eye:

Now I’ve been reading that quality is very important when buying equipment, and was wondering: does anybody here have an opinion on these sets (i.e. in terms of the store’s reputation or experience with the stones)? Does anyone know of other sets that are available for a low price? I saw some by “WorldWise Imports” and the reviews seem to hint that they aren’t made well.

I would recommend
This set from here
I have bought a lot from gogameguru they have the best shipping, The trading center takes forever (2 months last order) to get to you and I would not recommend it at all. I have not used the other site however I do know the quality of the stones they are selling, they break rather easily if dropped of taken off the board wrong. I would suggest using either Gogameguru or yellowmountainimports.


Thank you! I will go with those. I decided against using the trading center when I realized that the shipping cost 47 dollars!

Just to add to my experience I have played in over ten tournaments and at over thirty clubs. I have a lot of board and stone knowledge. The stones will not be all that pretty, but for the money well worth the price.

They are currently out of stock, but I got these ones and I love them :smile: