Best Sites to Get Thousands of Go Games (SGF) as Archive

1. GOGOD Online
More than 90,000 Pro game records / kifu (sgf files) includes latest AlphaGo & DeepZen games for AI fans. Since the summer 2017 edition it includes new Go Seigen games.
Price: $15

2. Go4Go
Go4Go members are able to spend their credits to access 2,753 Go game commentaries, written by Alexander Dinerchtein, 3-dan professional. The collection includes 1406 professional games, 615 high-dan KGS games, and 732 games from major European and North American amateur tournaments. The games are commented in great detail and all major aspects of Go playing are covered. The materials are suitable for amateurs from 10-kyu to 5-dan.
Price: using credit that can be earned by participating community activities

**3. [redacted]

By subscribing to pro account you can get raw copies of more than 9000 go problems collection (SGF files) of various types, whose difficulty ranges from 30k to 6d.
Subscription fee: $9,95 a year


I was surprised that all of the options above are PAID options.

While it may not be the slickest site, GoKIfu has thousands of pro games for free, including a lot of AlphaGo games, etc


We should also mention Waltheri, which can be browsed using pattern matching, or conventionally by date or players. There are about 70.000 games in that database, mostly from the last couple of decades.


Go4go is mostly free and frequently updated. You only need to pay if you want to download the database. The rest is accessible from a free account.


can I download games from gokifu as archive? cz downloading one by one will spend more time

yes, waltheri is good website.
anyway I revised the title.

Maybe I’m using it wrong but I find Waltheri severely lacking in what you can search for before it starts giving you 'no results. Like variations starting from corners or something. Either way, I jsut find that using my personal colelction and Drago gets me more results most of the time.

To answer your question, no - I don’t think there’s any way to download a bunch of games as an archive from gokifu.

I guess my next question is - WHY do you need to download a bunch of SGF files as an archive? If it’s for training a neural network, then sure - I understand, you’d want thousands on hand.

But, if you’re just reviewing pro games for your own learning - why not just view them for free online? Search the player you want to study, then look up interesting games and go move-by-move. I guess that’s how I got used to doing it.

Aside from that, is there a particular reason you’d need to download lots of SGFs to your own hard drive?

Side note - if you’re in it for the expert commentary and tsumego, then I totally understand plonking down money. But if you’re just looking to review pro games, they’re out there for the taking…

Gokifu + python.

All of the games have simple, fixed links, so you could pretty easily write a script to crawl through all of their games pages and download everything. It’ll just be the “href” attribute on the second link element in all of the .game_type divs. There’s about 40k pro games and 65k kgs games (which all seem to have at least one dan-ranked player), so that’ll net you over 100k games for $0 + maybe an hour to figure out how to code things + however long it takes to download everything…

the reason is sometimes its more comfortable if I can access it offline using SGF editor.
especially when traveling, some places in my country have poor internet connection.
anyway, I subscribed [redacted] and got 30,000 tsumego problems including Cho Chikun Encyclopedia, Guanzi Pu and other collection. cool!

Ah! OK that makes sense. I mean sure - there is plenty of Value Added for those subscription services, so if you need those things, I totally get it.

I was just saying - if people want access to pro games, they’re out there.

Are you changing the search criteria from ‘whole board’ to ‘around the stones’?


I bought Elementary Go Series Attack and Defense. I was wondering if there are sgf files for the problems in the book.

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