Best Time Configuration?


Lately I was experiencing differents Time configuration, but I couldn’t reach the right combination, my last three games were lost by timeout. So I ask the go community, for a 14k, Which is the best Time Configuration to achieve a relaxed game where I can read all and dont fear the clock?



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After many games I have my “Find a Game” settings on “Fischer Preferred.” I don’t absolutely demand it and can play the Byo-Yomi default, but the Fischer timer gives me a more relaxed game without increasing the overall time of it. With the Byo-Yomi, I always had the countdown timer stepping on my heels at the end of the game no matter how quickly I moved, and I ended up feeling rushed through the whole game because of the threat of running afoul of the countdown timer at the end. With the Fischer timer, if you make your moves throughout the game with an acceptable amount of dispatch you are never rushed. It should be the default.


Not to be facetious, but perhaps you should consider correspondence games. In the realm of live games, the preferences are very personal, so it is hard to answer. I prefer byo-yomi, because until the last period the stakes are not so high if you slip up, as seems to have happened in one, if not all three, of your simple-time games. I think most people play a short byo-yomi like 30s just to have a quicker game. If that is not a consideration, then you could try something like 45 min main time and 5 x 1 min byo-yomi (my preferred setting for a serious game). By the way, if you ever play a bot that doesn’t ponder, then you will have only about half of your normal thinking time. Also, you might want to practice with some unranked blitz games. Afterwards, an increase in time will seem luxurious.


I think you answered your own question. Not sure why you’re looking for affirmation, there is no “best” time configuration. There are all these options for a reasion. If you are timing out then either play longer time settings or learn to play faster.

And then there is also a custom time setting. I played against a guy who said a flat rate of “X” minutes per move (I think it was 2 or 5 minutes, but I don’t remember) was preferred, so we cancelled the game, changed the time setting, then started a new game with the new time setting. It was a good choice and a good game. Find a Game/Settings/Time Control can allow to to set your own choice.


Same as @Mogadeet, i prefer fischer timing. Usually something like 30 min + 30s/move, max 60min for slow paced, “relaxed game where I can read all and dont fear the clock,” and maybe even have a quick smoke outside while letting my time run.


Totally agree with almost everything mentioned above, except the part about smoking. :wink:

Fischer timing is best for most circumstances when set up right:

  • Initial time: This can be relatively low (making escapers less of a problem). Only increase it if you find you need more time in the opening specifically.
  • Time increment: This sets the general pace of the game.
  • Max Time: This should reflect the amount of time you might want to spend on a move if things get sticky. In this way Fischer Timing gives us a better opportunity to appreciate interesting situations when they arise.

For a slow, relaxed live game I would use 2min initial time, 1min increments and a max of 5min. But that’s just me. The custom game option is a great opportunity to create something you will enjoy and someone will accept. I find custom games get accepted much quicker than using ‘Quick Match Finder’ anyway.


Great point about how it minimizes the problem of escapers. I never thought about that, and I don’t recall it being mentioned in the various threads about escapers and the lightning bolt.

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