"Best Way To Study" Experiment - [SIGNUPS CLOSED]


I’m in, if it help me. You may call me 13ptches17. I’m 16 kyu at the moment but growing fast. I can do about 1-2 hours per day. Yes, I will give you my age privately.


My ogs nickname is gagesteward my rank is 17 kyu im willing to study 1 or 2 hours a day for a couple months and I can provide my age as well.

  • OGS screen name: rakenodiax
  • Rating/rank: 1494 +/- 74; 12.4k +/- 1.5
  • Time commitment: >1h/day
  • Age: yes

Thank you so much for doing this!


interesting. I need class for SDK


I’m in if you’ll have me:

  • sleepyEDB
  • 937 ± 93
  • 25.0k ± 3.0
  • I can commit to one hour per day (pretty much doing that already)
  • Yes I will provide my age




Heh, guess I should’ve read the entire thread before offering my services :sweat:

I’ve only played 9x9 games since joining last month (okay, two 13x13 games) and zero 19x19 so I’m not sure if that excludes me from the study. I’m willing to jump in at 19x19 going forward; though I’m sure the early results will be, um…interesting. :smiley:



Thank you for your response, glad to have you! The only two requirements to join the study are to be DDK and to be willing to play live 19x19 games from time to time. That said, it would be useful if you played live, ranked 19x19 games with progressively weaker players until your “live 19x19” rating uncertainty reaches ~100.


Is there any planned start date? I play almost only correspondence games too, so how much time I have for practicing live game.


Well, if all of a sudden we get an influx of 35 people, we can (almost) start today. If the slow trickle continues, it will probably take at least two more weeks to get to a reasonable number of participants (20-30).


Awesome, thanks! I’ll start playing live, ranked 19x19 games today to get my uncertainty rating up…or down…closer to 100. :smiley:



Great initiavie !

Is there a website or email to consult the result of the research ? I am very interesting by the results.
I bookmark this post to stay on tuned

Unfortunately, I can’t participate. I think correspondance game is not good for your research and I play only by correspondance game.


I play correspondence games only too. Just let’s go to live :dancer:


OGS nickname: Algebro
Rank: ~16k-18k OGS
Hours a day I can spend studying Go: < 1 hr to 1 hr, although not super consistently
Willing to provide age: Yes

I’ll most likely need to be in the control group due to my inconsistent schedule. Let me know if you need any other information.


Okay, @smurph, just remember that you asked for it! :smiley: :wink:



Yeah, this is fine. We’re just looking for an acceptable baseline, i.e. somewhat stable starting point. Losing is inevitable as a new player. :slight_smile: On the flipside, if you start at 25k, your rate of improvement is going to be much, much higher than that of pretty much everyone else.


Sounds good, I’m all for improving! Just wanted to be frank on what I’m bringing (or maybe not bringing) to the table.



OGS Nickname: Airstrike
Rank: About 12k on OGS and IGS
Hours a day spent: I can do maybe 60-90 Minutes a day
Age; Yes, you’ll know it


OGS nick: OnceAhasverus
Rank: 11k
Time: 1-2 hours/day should be possible
Age: Yes, I’ll let you know


I would like to participate
OGS nickname: skala
Rank 11k, ranking 1591 ± 74 but I play mostly correspondence games and my live 19x19 rank is probably lower.
I am willing to spend 1-2 hours or more a day
I’m fine with giving you my age


Hey Smurph Thanks for watching the stream the otherday,

your OGS nickname:PrEeN
your rating and overall rank:1500+350 ( havent played any games on OGS yet )
how many hours a day are you willing and able to spend studying Go : Minimum 1 Hour a day
willingness to (privately) provide me with your age: Yes

So whats the first steps to learning?!