"Best Way To Study" Experiment - [SIGNUPS CLOSED]


So, just to clarify because I tend to overthink things: you will be assigning us our study methods?
If so, do you have an idea of when you will be doing that? If not, I require further explanation.
Thanks in advance,


You assign yourself by voting for your preferred approach in the two polls posted by smurph earlier in this thread. If you vote A in the first poll, then select one of the A subgroups in the second poll. The same is true if you vote B in the first poll, you then select one option from the B subgroup poll.



As sleepy said.

I will me merging Grind and Network (i.e. at least 2 games a day, at least one of which has to be human-human, but you are encouraged to review with a strong bot) to get some balance between groups.

Option B conditions are essentially for people with little time, this is mostly to accomodate them and the numbers are so low I don’t expect to be able to make a meaningful statistical comparison. This is, however, useful as a sort-of case study.

So far I messaged the remaining ‘less’ active people to get some more games in, a few have dropped out, I’ll clean up the polls, re-roll group signups, write up the practice information in more detail per method, figure out the best way for you to update your journals (what you did on any given day, for how long) etc.
Right now I’m set on ethercalc.org because I don’t want you to have to sign up/in with Google accounts because privacy. Ethercalc lets you anonymously load the URL for your personal document, enter data, which I can then copy to my local worksheets.


1527 12k


OGS - LiquidMikerrs
Rating / Rank - 935 ± 112, 25k
Hours/ day - 1-2 hours
Willing to disclose age.

Would love to do this in order to improve, would be useful to have a good push in the right direction :slight_smile:


Thank you two for your interest in the study.

@vanadium3 If you would like to participate, you will have to play about 10-20 live ranked 19x19 games until sunday so we have a baseline for your actual rating.

@LiquidMikerrs You already established a fairly reliable live 19x rating, so I have invited you to the group. Please read all group messages (you can view older messages by clicking the > button below the latest message) and then vote for your preferred study method in the poll above.

If you have any questions, please send me a chat message.


Hi. I’m pretty much as close to a beginner as you can get.
My OGS nick is nuancenet and my rank is a measly 23k and my rating is 1074.
I’m willing to spend about 2 hours on the game for about 3 months but I will have to pull it back down to one hour after that.
Yup, willing to provide age.


I’m still looking for about 4 people who’d like to do “The Grind” (starting in about 24 -30hours). This includes

  • at least 1 ranked live 19x19 games a day
  • as many unranked games as you like, anywhere, even against (strong) bots
  • bot review is encouraged
  • no human-human teaching games
  • no tsumego
  • no pro game study
  • no lectures
  • no books/articles


  • you are DDK and you’ve played at least 10 ranked live 19x19 games in the past month and
  • you are available to play lots of games in the next 4 weeks
    please consider signing up!

Interested? Please add this to your post:

  • your OGS nickname
  • your live 19x19 rating and overall rank
  • how many hours a day are you willing and able to spend studying Go (for at least 1 month)? <1 hr or 1-2 hrs
  • willingness to (privately) provide me with your age [yes/no]

Thanks everyone!


Nickname: Crymore13
Rank: 12~14k

Rating: 1487±76

<1 hr
Willing to pm age.


Nickname : sid597
rank : 16~17K
rating : 1349 ± 78
1 hr
willing to tell age


I don’t mind changing from “The Menu” to “The Grind”.

Do the restrictions on rank and playing other participants apply to unranked games?


Hey there smurph!
i’m interested in learning!

OGS nickname : Fava
live 19x19 rating : 1297 198
overall rank : 11k
hrs a day 1-2
willing to provide my age


Thanks for offering. Now that we enlisted 3 newcomers the ratio of both group sizes is roughly equal, though, so it seems fine for now (if anyone still wants to join, by all means please do!).

And no, for ‘The Grind’ people are free to pick their opponents in all unranked games, with the caveat that playing weaker players isn’t going to help much.

  • your OGS nickname Fankylicious
  • your live 19x19 rating and overall rank 14K 1461±82
  • how many hours a day are you willing and able to spend studying Go (for at least 1 month)? <1 hr or 1-2 hrs 1-2hrs
  • willingness to (privately) provide me with your age [yes/no] yes


Hello, I just did 11 live 19x19 games. Let me join now?


A couple more quick questions:

Is watching games in the OGS Games menu acceptable in any of the options?

Is reviewing the one ranked game a day with Leela allowed in options other than “The Grind”?


Well, if you have the time to be watching games, you should probably spend it on whatever’s on your schedule, but as long as you spend (significantly) less time watching games than you spend on studying, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcTm93YztSg

Reviewing with Leela should stay limited to The Grind. Self-review is ok but you should probably limit that to 2-3 critical points in the game to stay time-efficient.


OK. Thanks for the clarification.


The study has officially started now!

Just in case anyone is still wondering, this is your live 19x19 rating (followed by the deviation):


Let’s GO!


So yeah… this just kinda occurred to me, for “The Menu” am I permitted to watch Go Twitch Streams, which is something I tend to do to wind down at night… if you would rather we not, then I need to find a good book or something…

Again, thanks in advance